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Poem : Rise of the Love-Truth Tramps Hate-Lies Revolution


Liars sing to the tune of a shrieking lyre, a deceptive song. Claiming to be in the light of God as leaders, peacemakers, church workers and members of notable fraternities.

They abide in darkness ’cause of hate for their brother of a different mother and father, from a different land altogether, a place much further.

Delusional and encaged in hollow rage they live in twilight and are sick in their minds ’cause of the deceiver’s dynamite.

They dwell in ancient chambers with hellish ideas of who is who, delighting in the master and slave relational status quo.

The window blinds to their heart are down. Blind they think they can see, a walking dead living on dead end street.

Embossed on their hearts as a badge of honour is hate for another race, one of a foreign land or religion and are chocked with unforgiveness towards their neighbour.

They drown in the sea of hate, spouting venom in divisive hood, beating the drum of falsehood, scheming a race and social war in many a neighbourhood.

Triumphant Warriors are on the rise; some on bended knees, others in action so the world can see, as they fight for God’s love and unity to be man’s keen priority.

Forever destroyers of satanic agendas and judgements, the heavenly regiment sound the Most High’s gong with this redemptive truth in their song:

“Forgive and you shall be forgiven by the Father. Love God and one another,
regardless of skin colour, race, social status and one’s gender”.

©Deborah E.Nyamekye 12/11/2016

Note: In the midst of it all…God orchestrates and allows events for his ultimate purposes (i.e hardening Pharaoh’s heart so that he reinforced his hand against Israelites …until God’s appointed time…to arise!) for judgement through suffering & ultimate glory.

In addition God speaks through events He allows AND REVEALS THE TRUE HEART CONDITION OF PEOPLE. A new era is upon us: a great showdown as never before of agents of truth/love (God) and lies/hate (Satan) in terms of interpersonal relations, with issues of tolerance, race, religion & social/economic class status being at the core of this reinforced spiritual war for souls manifesting in the natural.

Can you hear God speak, do you see the writing on the wall in significant world events?

Intercessors, Prayer Warriors Arise!!!


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Prophetic Insight: Crazy Clowns & A Circus in the Dead of Night…

d8f6a0af-ec68-4204-8cfc-0ffaa5840737Sinister Clowns appearing all over cities in America & UK
– A prophetic revelation of the reinforced wicked state of our world: The scary masquerading ruling class in the “circus”  land & church.
-My poem: “A Circus in the Dead of Night” comes to mind.

All this hype which is real about sinister clowns popping up everywhere and scaring children.
This is a natural manifestation of what is happening in the spiritual realm, a reinforcement of Satan and his demons as masked or masquerading beings even through politicians, judges and the ruling class deceiving God’s creation (his children), scaring them to the point that many no longer want to have anything to do with politics, the government nor do they think it is worth voting.

The same is on the increase in the church, Satan’s agents or sorcerers, people who don’t want to pay the sacrificial price of a Christian faith who are masked or two faced parading or masquerading as pastors “clowns” in the pulpit, saying one thing and doing another mocking children of God and frightening many so that they no longer trust the establishment that is church!

This is all confirming prophecy that wickedness will increase. Indeed even those in high office in the church and secular world are increasingly engaging in deplorable things as they have no fear of God. They are involved in lasciviousness, debauchery, hedonism; prostitution, sexual assault and rape, which some even justify or think it is funny saying their vices are not as bad as someone else. Increasingly people are seeing their leaders for who they are (behind the masks) and many in subjugation are in danger of being in likeness to them, masked clowns because one naturally follows the leader!!

This is the most difficult era for those with any good or godly moral sense!

There is much reason to lament ! But we who trust God of our Lord Jesus Christ have hope!

Praying for discernment or the gift of discerning of spirits is more crucial in this hour than ever before; God help us to discern truth from deception/hypocrisy in Jesus’ mighty name!
Intercessors let us continue praying fervently!!!

REMINDER OF A POEM I WROTE: “A circus in the dead of night”
I have started to hear about these scary clowns in the last two weeks only and it started in America, when exactly I do not know. However each time my mind goes to a poem I woke up one morning in mid September and felt compelled to write:

A Circus in the Dead of Night

The world is a circus in the dead of night with bestial ways abounding
as men display their skills and talents
to an audience preferring the vile and
dangerous feats in life’s parade.

The hypocrite and deceiver is the masked mocker, the clown who
manipulates and seduces the crowd for loud laughs and reverence, but strikes when one’s guard is down.

The broken and maimed form a continuous procession along the streets as on a carousel.
A people whose fate is for the gain of the owner of keys to their chains.

Fearful and oppressed nerves jitter as on a roller coaster.
Confused and worried minds dizzy in thought as on a merry go round.

Well suited masses are a shadow of their true selves, each a reflection of someone else.
The living dead, consumed with self are performers in the concert of life. As circus artists in camouflage they dance the jive of death to the tune of funeral criers and church bell chimes.

The world is a circus in crises in the dead of night, will it welcome broad day light and the appearance of the healer, a true giver of life?

©Deborah E.Nyamekye 18/09/2016

One of the poems in my upcoming book: Gloom, Hope & Glory