Category: Cycles of Life

Cycles of the Beloved’s Life

Beloved of God,
The cycle of abuse,
cycle of offence
are cycles to refuse.
The cycle of restraint,
cycle of defeat
are cycles to resist.
For he who saved you,
Yeshua your Lord
has planned for you
peaks and troughs
for victorious
outcomes to the glory
of God.
Up times are times
to praise God with
hands raised and
doing His bidding,
with hearts grateful
and testifying.
Down times are not
times to rot
but to access what
you’ve got,
and to thank God,
He has saved and
blessed you who
was once lost.
The cycle of peace,
cycle of hope,
are cycles of God to embrace.
The cycle of sanctification,
cycle of breakthrough,
are cycles of God’s restoration.
Beloved of God,
in the cycles of life
“God causes everything to work together for the good
of those who love God and are called according to his
purpose for them.”(Romans 8:28)
©Deborah E. Nyamekye 24/05/2016