About us & Welcome

About us & Welcome

Me1“…My Heart is beating wildly, I cannot keep silent..”(Jer.4:19 ESV)



In this blog, I feel mandated to explore every aspect of human life; the human mind, emotions, attitude, everyday life and interpersonal relationships which include racial and international relations and man’s relationship with Jesus/God and His with us. All from a Christ-filled perspective or by Holy Spirit inspiration.

This may be through either a reflection, a poem, an exhortation or actual prophetic words I discern God is giving me to impart.

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Writing and speaking on behalf of the hopeless, oppressed and suffering due to their race, nationality, culture, social or economic status is a calling that is coming to the fore in my life more than ever before.

There are many who, despite having the opportunities before and around them, just don’t have the inner strength to take hold of these opportunities so as to advance and live productive lives. Why? this is because of the spiritual, verbal and physical abuse or affliction that are like daggers and blows received from either one or more of the following: family, community, society or nation.

They are as the walking dead, the paralysed, maimed or gagged. They need intercessors, someone to come alongside them to encourage and exhort them or even take their hand and walk them through the pathway of healing and recovery.

Writing to me is as

– speech, a power that can soothe, heal and ignite hope. An art form of insight that can serve to throw a rope to those in need of liberation, the discouraged and bound.

-a trumpet sound to bring awareness to the plight of those in the abyss of despair or living as though in doldrums with wings clipped or broken.

-a shofar by predestined decree to release a prophetic sound in this hour using poetry, prose, words of exhortation, motivation and counsel for the uplifting, warning and enlightening of humanity.

With written words as speech, my hope is to allow God to use me as his instrument to open the window blinds of injustices, inequalities and abuse allowing the ink of expression therein to pull out compassion embedded in the entrails of many a man.

In addition my hope is to be an inspirer, exhorter or encourager to the hopeless, depressed and oppressed so that they would find their predestined purpose or calling On earth for the sake of humanity as a whole.


The Write Life Story:

Man is his brother’s keeper,
created to love as he
craves to be loved,
to care as he desires
to be cared for.

If by my obedience to serve
with the pen others are awakened
to serve society productively
and acquire the zeal
of interconnectivity, working
for a world void of
injustice and inequality,
then to my joy their works
fill up the invisible
pages in my life’s
complete story.

©Deborah E. Nyamekye 10/10/2016

My hope is that you are inspired and encouraged by these writings, and that they help in some way to begin or strengthen your part in transforming the orchestra of life from a chaotic to a truly harmonious one according to the will of God.

Let’s pray for a world where equality and inclusivity of all, regardless of nationality, race or culture reigns and is an expression of the genuine love of God in
whose image we are all created.

Let us resolve to make a difference.

“My anguish, my anguish!
I writhe in pain! My heart is beating wildly; I cannot keep silent, for I hear the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war.” (Jeremiah 4:19 ESV)
God bless

Deborah E Nyamekye,
Prophetess, Intercessor,Teacher/Trainer
Inspirational Prophetic Scribe (Author/Poet)

NOTE: This website/blog and the “Manna from on High”  a Weekly Devotional and Teaching Website/Blog (www.readywriterps451.org) are part of Ready Writer’s Prophetic Scribe Ministry: for more on this ministry click here
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Parent Ministry of Ready Writer’s Prophetic Ministry
is Bear witness-Forerunner Ministries Int.
email: admin@bearwitness-forerunner.org

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